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ALmost 2 years ago I purchased some Natura paint from Benjamin Moore. It was advertised as no voc and no odor.

Right. Not only was it toxic and made me sick but the stink is there there after 2 years and 6 overcoats of paint to try to seal it. I found out that there is actually a class action law suit against this disgusting company. Just like many other companies that were started a long time ago and had great customer service and honesty, Benjamin Moore has become a horrid, vicious, unsavory, dishonest, unethical company that never recalled this toxic paint and won't make restitution.

I have lost a new very expensive art studio that unless it's torn down and rebuilt cannot ever be used again. It is called a sick building...made toxic by Benjamin Moore. They have refused to remediate so I have to file a law suit now.

Fun huh!

Do not trust this company. Who knows when their next batch of poison will be on the shelves at a store near you!

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Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1339194

I have used NATURA on multiple jobs and it smells nothing like paint at all. Has almost no odor whatsoever.

And was the only product for the longest time that was ZERO VOC even after adding colorant. LEED certified and CHPS certified. All of BM's interior paints are zero voc. GREEN PROMISE

None of the things you described could have happened if you really used NATURA.

Luckily BM has chemists that can take a sample and determine what type and who manufactured what was put on your wall.

If it made you sick, and you can still smell it after recoating IT WAS NOT NATURA, I'd bet my life on it

to PAINTGUY #1339196

Be very careful when you bet your life on something, especially if you are wrong...which you are in this case. I just love people who don't bother to research something before ruffling their feathers with insults and knowing better than someone else sickening attitude.

If you had researched, you would have discovered a huge class action lawsuit against Benjamin Moore for having toxins in their Natura paint. I personally got a huge heap of money from them to remediate.

Their Natura paint was toxic, stunk to high heaven and they knew about this yet didn't issue a recall. They are bad people.


What this guy forgot to mention is that he has a very sandy *** and the scratchyness has made him(her) irate and idiotic. Its okay baby, cry and let it all out.

Sudlersville, Maryland, United States #676516

strange no one else has had this problem, I used that paint in my childs room three years ago and love it....

to da painter Dedham, Massachusetts, United States #1178014

thousands of poeple around the world have this problem!!!


to da painter #1339200

Better look into the history of this company before you say that no one else has had a problem with it. How about a national class action lawsuite from people who had to move out of their homes due to the stink?

I personally received a huge amount of money for remediation from Benjamin Moore. I just love people who think they know it all.


In response...I am not allowed to speak about this situation due to confidiality agreement but all I can say is do some googling.


Sounds like a bad batch of paint. I havent had that problem.

Natura is one of the best paints I have used. All paint manufacturers have bad batches of paint once in a while.

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